Jan 17

Adaptive skiing for people with epilepsy, Down’s syndrome and the disabled

Terms: Skiing

As a sport, skiing is enjoyed the world over by people of all ages. Being fast and adventurous in nature, people indulge in it despite perceivable risks associated with it. In recent times, however, there is safety equipment available in the market that ensures complete safety and security not only for normal people but also for the less fortunate ones like people with disabilities.

Adaptive skiing allows people with disabilities to explore the sport with the use of equipment especially designed for their safety. It gives them the freedom to experience the pleasures of skiing without having any inhibitions or fears. The first instance of such an initiative dates back to the post World War II period when disabled veterans were introduced to the first adaptive ski programs. Since then, there have been more such progressions in the field and they have been coupled with modern safety equipment in recent years, thus making adaptive skiing one of the few sports which people with epilepsy, Down’s syndrome or any other disabilities, revel in. Known for their therapeutic benefits, skiing also provides a chance for them to add a touch of adventure to their otherwise monotonous lives. With the help of advanced chair lifts, drag lifts, tele cabins, and solid safety harnesses to go with it, it is possible for people with disabilities to join in with their families and friends on vacations.

Epilepsy skiing is associated with the huge risk of the skier having a seizure in a vulnerable situation which is quite unpredictable. In such an eventful scenario, the safety of the equipment has to be trusted totally. Safety harnesses that keep the person tied back to the cabin helps remain intact. Advanced skiing equipment has also opened doors for people with Down’s syndrome to experience the delights of alpine skiing. The presence of specialised clothing like helmets, gloves, etc. and other specialist equipment helps to provide maximum protection. In most such cases, however, conventional methods of skiing don’t work and only with the help of specialised equipment, the almost impossible task is achieved. So much so, that even children with Down’s syndrome can glide down the slope and enjoy the adventurous sport with family!

Lift Lyne is one such company that designs safety equipment with the sole objective of ensuring complete security to the rider. The company has designed robust safety harnesses that are worn by the rider on the chair lift so that any untoward incident is prevented from happening. The harnesses have to be customized according to the sizes of people and Lift Lyne specialises in it. The equipment is made from 100% polyester webbing, the likes of which are used for mountaineering and rappelling. The safety gears of this equipment are not only easy to use and comfortable to wear but they also provide peace of mind to the near and dear ones. All these progressive advancement has made disability skiing not only a possibility but a thrilling recreation for people with special needs.