Jun 29

5 tips to stay healthy and safe while skiing

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Skiing as a recreational sport, is enjoyed the world over by people of all ages, especially kids. In fact, with adaptive skiing in place, it is possible for people with disabilities too, to indulge in the sports and enjoy it as much as others!

Planning for a ski vacation with family could be an exciting experience, but it also needs some prudent thinking so that the safety perspective is well taken care of and adhered to. After all, who would want to turn a cherished vacation into an ugly and fatal accident for you or your loved ones!

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your skiing adventure:

1. Exercise and stay in shape: Fitness is the key to a perfect skiing experience; you can ski for a longer time if your body is in perfect shape. Start exercising well in advance to your vacation so that you can tune your body better. Do a combination of aerobic and strengthening exercises for the best results. Encourage your family to join you too.

2. Wear a helmet: Protective headgear is of utmost importance as head traumas associated with this sport could be one of the worst injuries that could happen to anyone. Studies conducted by National Ski Areas Association, helmets minimize head injuries by 30 to 50% and reduce the severity of the same to a minor headache.

3. Invest in proper ski equipment – There is no substitute for a good ski protection gear when you are out in the snow. It becomes all the more vital to double-check your child’s equipment as a proper kid’s ski harness could ensure their safety and prevent any possible injuries. Get good fitting ones that are customized for the particular body frame as a loosely fit ski harness could easily let the body slip off or cause any other untoward fatalities!

4. Stay within your limits: Skiing is an exciting sport and sometimes, it so happens that skiers go overboard, get out of control or stretch beyond their ability. Keeping in tune with your body and energy level will ensure that you don’t wreck your skiing adventure. Know when to stop and call it a day, as fatigue can lead to accidents, too!

5. Follow rules: Follow ‘Your Responsibility Code’ and stick to the seven safety rules as laid down by the NSAA for a responsible and great skiing adventure. Let the ones who are ahead of you, lead the way, and follow the trail. While taking a break, stop at safe places while observing signs and warnings and keeping away from closed trails.

With proper planning and good judgment, you can have the best time of your life, out in the slopes. So, go for it!