About Lift lyne

Our full body harness built for the ski and snowboard world.

Our full body harness built for the ski and snowboard world.

The Story of Lift Lyne

Lift Lyne was designed to give every skier and rider the confidence to get out there and explore the mountains. Lift Lyne was initially designed by an over-protective parent that was afraid their child would fall off the lift, even though the odds were slim. After a few years of riding lifts with people and many great questions and comments we have learned that Lift Lyne can actually help whole groups of people get out on the mountains. Some had a fear of heights while others had medical conditions that prevented them from riding the chair lifts. Lift Lyne is happy to help anyone and everyone that loves the sport of skiing and snowboarding, we are a great community and its a great way of life so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Safety on the Slopes

Our harnesses are custom built to either child’s frame or an adult’s. Engineered to support the rider and all of their gear with ease in case the unforeseen happens.  Lift Lyne is built from 100% polyester webbing, the same used in mountaineering and rappelling equipment, and the carabineers are aluminum, with a 2,500 lbs breaking strength.

While your loved one is wearing a Lift Lyne you can feel confident that they can ride the lift and enjoy the ride safely. It’s comfortable to wear, easy to use, and provides every wearer with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lift Lyne be worn below the jacket?

Yes, the tether is designed to be adjustable so that Lift Lyne can be worn above or below the jacket.

Praise for Lift Lyne

Every child in our family wears the Lift Lyne. It’s easy to use and we all feel more safe because of it. Thank you!

Jill, Los Angeles, CA

With his Lift Lyne, my son isn’t nervous riding the lift anymore. Money well spent!

Robert, Salt Lake City

When my daughter is wearing her Lift Lyne, I feel much more comfortable with her exploring the mountain with her friends.

Jen R., VT

From the Founder

I’m a single dad to a single daughter – she is my world. When she was six and learning to ski she would often get on the lift with the instructor and without me. Like most kids she is curious and loves to have fun with her friends – that means not always paying attention to the dangers around her. I feared that with the slightest distraction or wrong move at 80’ in the air she could easily slip below the safety bar on the lift and something awful could happen. It was a bit of a reality check and put a good scare in me.

Skiing has always been a part of my life and I could not wait to share this with her, but there had to be a safer way. So I designed and tested a harness for her in my garage, and it worked perfectly. It was easy to use and if the worst case happened, she was secure. The first time she used it we had a great day on the mountain, and I was finally able to watch her get on the lift by herself without a lump in my throat.

Countless people asked me what she was wearing and where they could get one. I made a few for friends with kids, who all had the same experience. That’s when I thought it might be an idea other parents would be interested in, so we created Lift Lyne. The rest, as they say, is history!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, I hope to see you out on the slopes one day.

Jake Bean