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What is Lift Lyne?

And why does every young skier need one?

Accidents can happen quickly on a ski lift – a grasp for that dropped glove or a sudden stop of the lift and the “one size fits all” safety bar might not be enough to protect the most important person in the world to you from falling. Lift Lyne helps eliminate that risk.

When your loved one is wearing a Lift Lyne you feel confident that they can explore the mountain and be safe doing so. It’s comfortable to wear, easy to use, and provides parents with peace of mind.

  • Reliable Materials

    Lift Lyne is built from 100% polyester webbing– the same used in mountaineering and rappelling equipment–and the carabineers are aluminum, with a 2,500 lb breaking strength apiece.

  • Specially Fit

    Our harnesses are custom built to fit either a child’s or an adult’s frame. They are engineered to support the rider and all of their gear with ease if they slip from the lift.

  • Complete Safety

    Lift Lyne was designed for one reason – to help get the rider to the top of the mountain safely each time. Lift Lyne is the only product on the market that secures the rider to the lift.


Every child in our family wears the Lift Lyne. It’s easy to use and we all feel more safe because of it. Thank you!

Jill, Los Angeles, CA

With his Lift Lyne, my son isn’t nervous riding the lift anymore. Money well spent!

Robert, Salt Lake City

When my daughter is wearing her Lift Lyne, I feel much more comfortable with her exploring the mountain with her friends.

Jen R., VT